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Self Study Units

The Self Study Unit is a convenient way for University Employees to complete required trainings. Please select the unit you wish to study. Click on the post-test link to the right of the course name to go directly to the post-test.

Biological | Clinic | Environmental | Fire | Industrial Hygiene | Laboratory Safety
Radiation | Workplace Safety | Other Non-EHS Training


Course # Training Post-Test
4105 Dual Use Research of Concern Test
41181/41182 NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules Test
  Bloodborne Pathogens  
4108 Biological Safety Level 2 for Laboratory Workers Test
5701 Shipping of Infectious Substances and Other Biomedical Materials Annual Update Test
5702 Dry Ice Shipping Test
5697 Export Control Basics Test
4123 Autoclave Usage and Safety Test
4128 Biological Safety Level 2 for DLAM Test
4127 DLAM Zoonoses and Lab Animal Allergies Test
4125 Sewage Spill Response for Facilities Services Test
4129 Q Fever Awareness Training for DLAM Test
4126 Q Fever Awareness Training for Laboratory Test


(i.e. Physicians in Healthcare areas, all other medical personnel)
Course # Training Post-Test
4140 Bloodborne Pathogens Test
4130 Tuberculosis and Infection Control Test
1700 Healthcare Worker/Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO) Safety Info Test
62104 Respiratory Protection for Tuberculosis Test


Course # Training Post-Test
5800 Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plan Test
5802 Stormwater Awareness Test
5523 Universal Waste Handlers Training Test
5524 Hazardous Waste Management on Construction Sites at UNC-CH Test


Course # Training Post-Test
2300 Emergency Coordinator Annual Update Test
62013 UNC Emergency Responder Respirator Test
  EHS Emergency Responder: Air Purifying Respirator Chemical Cartridges N/A

Industrial Hygiene

Course # Training Post-Test
4230 Occupational Noise Exposure Test
7501 Lead in Construction Test
4507 Asbestos Awareness Test
45301 Permit Required Confined Spaces Test
72103 The Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout Tagout) Test
4533 DPS Confined Space Response Test

Laboratory Safety

Course # Training Post-Test
41401 Bloodborne Pathogens Test
4130 Tuberculosis and Infection Control Test
1700 Healthcare Worker/Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO) Safety Info Test
5521 Laboratory Hazardous Waste Management at UNC-CH Test
4226 Formaldehyde Test
4227 Nanotechnology Safety Test
4228 Chemical Fume Hoods Test
4137 Compressed Gas Safety Test


Course # Training Post-Test
3321 Laser Safety Test
3323 Radiation Protection in Dentistry Test
3322 Safe Use of Fluoroscopic Equipment Test
3420 Analytical X-Ray Test
3320 Radiation Safety Review Course Test
3325 Radiation Safety for X-Ray Equipment Operators Test
3326 UNC Biomolecular X-ray Crystallography Facility Test
3822 Research MRI Safety Test
3821 Radiation Safety for Ancillary Employees Test

Workplace Safety

(i.e. Office; Industrial/Maintenance & Construction; Support Service)
Course # Training Post-Test
1700 Healthcare Worker/Joint Commission (formerly JCAHO) Safety Info Test
41403 Bloodborne Pathogens Test
4130 Tuberculosis and Infection Control Test
62102 Using N95 for Respiratory Protection Test
7415 Boomlift Test
7320 Powered Industrial Trucks (i.e. Forklift) Test
6210 Respiratory Protection Test
62101 Respiratory Protection for Energy Services Mechanical Maintenance Test
4801 Occupational Health Program for Employees with Animal Exposures Test
7410 Ladder Safety Test
62103 Public Safety Department Respiratory Protection Test
72101 Energy Services Chilled Water Department Control of Hazardous Energy Test
72102 Cogeneration Control of Hazardous Energy (Tagging and Clearance) Test
7000 Machine Guarding Test
8000 Combustible Dust Health and Safety Awareness Test
7110 Hot Work Permit Program Test
7330 Compactor Safety Test
42201 HazCom 2012 Global Harmonization System Test
7601 Botanical Garden Safety Training Test

Other Non-EHS Training

Course # Training Post-Test
  HIPAA Training at UNC-Chapel Hill N/A